Bitcoin and BlockChains: Your Guide to the new Cryptocurrencies

Have you started to notice that just about everyone is talking about a strange phenomenon called BitCoin? Does this leave you a bit confused? It sure did me and I consider myself technically literate. Well, after some time researching this subject, and actually buying and mining BitCoin I decided to write a guide for those like me who were a bit confused by these new Cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology has been claimed to be one of the better technological advances in the past decade. Just about everyone is considering integrating this technology into their products and services, so becoming familiar with it may be beneficial so you can talk intelligently about it at the very least.

You can, of course, find this guide on my platform of choice for such things, namely the Kindle Store.

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What to do afterwards?

In reviewing the book The Four Hour Workweek I started to re-read another chapter and this one really did not resonate with me until now. You see while I have been thinking about how to get more free time I did not really plan out what to do with that free time. Tim calls it “filling the void” and it is towards the end of the book.

Essentially, you really have to think of the reasons WHY you are striving to have a hand free business. What are you planning on doing with your time? It is really unnatural for someone to have nothing to do with their time, do you want more time for meaningless pursuits or would you rather fill your time up adding meaning to others.

So in that regards before you begin to design your muse and your exit strategy should that muse collapse you should also think about what to do with your time after you are successful. Planning for a successful outcome would probably result in a far more enticing reason for your “why” and thereby would motivate you to move forward with your plans.

Perhaps you wanted to travel the world extensively? Or maybe you want to bring water to villages in the Sudan? Or perhaps you want to help children in America so that they have a hope for a brighter future? Anything is worthwhile and you really don’t have to feel obligated to give your time to charity if you don’t wish to do so. If you aren’t motivated by the charities that are out there then you would be wasting your time and end up as a burden to these groups.

There are those out there that are choosing these plans for themselves each and every day, if you don’t get to work deciding on what to do with your life someone else will plan it out for you. And those plans may not be to your liking.

Truly I have to review Tim Ferriss’s Blog a bit more. I am sure there are more resources that I have missed and I could be missing out some details that are not covered in the book. Unfortunately there are only so many details that can be covered in any printed book, if you wish to have the most up to date information you should always check with the website associated with any guide or book.

Emergency – By Neil Strauss

The reason I bought this book was because it was recommended reading in the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Actually, I think it may have been Tim’s website that recommended it. Regardless of where I found out about this particular piece I have to say I found this book to be extremely enthralling and also highly informative.

The combination of being both entertaining and informative is something that is difficult to accomplish. Clearly Neil Strauss is a well practiced writer that can make what would be a depressing and oppressive subject. The premise of the book is to prepare you for the worst case scenario in your life, if you are more prepared as a human being you will be more likely to survive.

Initially this book starts out with the journey Neil goes through to become more prepared. Eventually, though this book meanders into Neil becomes prepared to help others in a time of crisis. The fact that this actually occurs show’s how much heart he has for others. In case you didn’t already know Neil is also responsible for the book “The Game” or a book all about the underground of Pick Up Artists.

Clearly, those that judge this man negatively don’t know him very well. I can tell by his writing that he has a deep care of all people, so irregardless of how you feel about the whole Pick Up culture judging him for being a part of that is just wrong.

But what of the merits of the information contained in the book? I mean after all this is a book review and not an author review. The chapters are broken down into manageable chunks that make it easy to read. As well the chapter titles are such that you will want to read them, I would say each chapter would make for an excellent blog post but that is not the point.

Being prepared for what Neil calls “when the shit hits the fan” is something that a lot of others have taken to heart. Preppers have become an obsession for some, one option that is helping to fuel many companies throughout the United States. I have no problem with being prepared for what could come and as such that is why I bought the book, because I wanted a guide on how to do it.

Now the book is not a complete exhaustive “how to” manual of how to survive an upcoming zombie apocalypse or anything, rather it has helped me by pointing me to the right resources I need and basically pointed out the weaknesses in my own preparation for a catastrophe.

If you live in Florida, Minnesota, North Dakota, or even California then you know each one of us can face different threats. Being prepared for what could happen in your neck of the woods is what is important, the fact that Neil ends this book with becoming prepared to help others should also be a guide for us all. After all in times of crisis if we all just helped each other the world would be a better place.

Hands down I would recommend everyone read this book as use it as a starting point. Most importantly I would encourage meeting with your neighbors and figuring out a plan in case an emergency should happen in your area. Do you know of people in your neighborhood with medical training? If so having them at your disposal would be a extremely valuable resource.

Or alternatively you could learn the basics of emergency medicine by taking an EMT course at your local vocational school or community college. Again the point of this book is to teach you how to be prepared for disasters for helping yourself but also more importantly by helping others. When you have television series such as Revolution coming out as well as other movies such as World War Z then you may begin to see the potential problems we all could face in the near future.

Being prepared for what life may deal you in the future is as important to me as being physically fit, in fact I would say those two are directly related. If you are physically and mentally fit then you will be able to survive future disasters.

All in all I would highly recommend this book for just about everyone. Now there are some may say that they trust solely in God to save them, and they have a valid reason to believe that. However, I believe God would like us to be as prepared as possible and this book just illustrates a path along those lines. Regardless of your religious beliefs it is important to realize where you may be potentially weak or lacking, so that you can strengthen those areas in your life and help others.

The Four Hour Work Week – A Book Review

First off this book review will be a bit different in that to really examine the ideas of this book they should be tested out thoroughly. So, while this post may be an initial review of the material that is in the book the rest will show through by my actual implementation, or the attempt at an Implementation, of what this book represents.

Unfortunately many people have made fun of this book throughout the years. There are those in the internet marketing field that say they work 17 hour days in order to get to a four hour work week. That just may be the truth for those people. But, maybe they just have not implemented the ideas as they should? Not sure.

The content of the book is very well written, so clearly someone must have spent some time editing and reviewing this book so to give it’s polish. You don’t end up as a New York Times Bestseller by halfassing that aspect. There are many who try and publish a book on the Kindle Marketplace and don’t go through the rigorous editing and reworking that any book published by the reputable book publishers have to go through.

Since this book has been published I know for a fact that some of the ideas are next to impossible to implement. The rules regarding Google Adwords for instance are a lot more stringent and you simply cannot test some of your ideas as you may think using that system. While Google Adwords is a great tool to generate traffic to a website it can be a bit difficult to use and many times people will find that their account has been closed with no explanation.

However, that being said the ideas presented in this book are somewhat solid still and can be implemented. They may not be easy for someone who has zero business knowledge or at least someone who is not willing to go out and try and learn how to do it. Many times criticisms spring from people’s frustrations with their own inadequacies and their lack of wherewithal.

The opening story and premise of the book

The opening of the book is a realization by Tim of the number of hours he is working and how much money he is making. Clearly there is a bit of a disconnect here and the sad fact of the matter is that many people who start a business become slaves to their business. Without revealing this point of pain however you would not know the journey Tim went through in order to transform his life into something many people admire.

Clearly this opening story is also meant to cause you the reader to relate to this particular situation, after all the whole idea of the book is supposed to cause you to want to change your life. One might say that he is setting himself up similar to that of a the story of many “superheroes” and that may just be a valid point.

Now there are numerous success stories of people who have implemented Tim’s ideas in their own life, for them this has worked wonderfully. However, there is an untold amount of people who tried and for some reason could not get this system to work. You simply don’t hear about people’s failures because most of the time those that failed are just too embarrassed to admit it. Why am I saying this? Because the frank and honest truth is what is missing in many other’s reviews of The Four Hour Work Week.

The Concept of the New Rich

The premise of this book is that the “New Rich” today tries to design their lives so that they have a source of money, an income stream, that allows them to live a life they desire. With the advent of the Internet and globalization, this is entirely possible, but the emphasis on foreign workers is a bit much in my opinion.

Just because I could go out and hire someone for far less than someone here in America does not mean that they would do a far better job nor does it mean that this would not subject my company to various security threats. If you have ever tried to go through the task of hiring a VA from any of the countries mentioned in this book you know of the nightmare that this can be. Some Virtual Assistants are great, they do a fantastic job and are well worth the investment, but others are very poor to say the least.

For instance it is routine to generate a customized training manual to give to a potential VA for the work that you want to have done. However, since your potential VA could have already worked in that same field he or she may have some bad habits that he or she picked up along the way. It is not uncommon for a VA to completely ignore your detailed instructions and do whatever he or she damn well pleases. This would put your business in a bind if the VA happens to break the Terms of Service for the many accounts and websites you may have.

One of the biggest hurdles in becoming a member of the “New Rich” then is sourcing your VA’s and making sure that they follow your instructions to the letter. Overseeing your foreign employee’s is also a task that can take up a lot of time. If you happen to give your employee’s too much free reign then you are just asking for a nightmare.

Honestly the scope of this review will require a number of posts to cover everything. I don’t want to give everything away as well because that would not be right to those that bought the book. So please stay tuned for a continuation of this review, yes it is exhaustive.