Get That Job – Resources that may come in handy to pass a technical interview!

When preparing for a technical interview the more questions you go over and the more comfortable you are with answering technical questions the probability of you getting job increases. That is why I have assembled some useful resources to help you with that, of course, you can always check out my YouTube channel where I am going over these questions individually.

Here you can see some of the resources that I have found useful in this YouTube video below:


Of course, I am going to recommend websites like Codefights, as the premise of using this website is to connect you to future employers through their questions and answers. The way Codefights is setup is that they have gamified the whole process of the technical interview. You can see these questions beforehand and gain confidence in how to answer what questions may come up. The more you practice solving algorithms, the more you will be able actually to get a job.

There are other resources that I mention in the video, and I would encourage you to watch the above video throughout its entirety. Of course, if you know of any more websites or resources to help others prepare for their technical interview leave them in the comments below.