Get That Job – An Exciting New YouTube Series


As some of you may be aware I was a Technical Trainer at one time in my life. As I am attempting to get back into that field I thought that the best way to do that is to start a series on YouTube where I cover the most common coding questions asked during a technical interview.

You can find the playlist here:

As I have just started creating this playlist there may be not a whole lot of content covered. However, I can assure you there is going to be plenty more questions and answers covered. With a series such as this, there really is no end. So, hopefully, this will become a go-to resource for any college graduate that wishes to obtain a job in the software development field.

29 Most Useful Websites/Apps for College Students

Recently, I have been busy creating more Kindle books and now a Udemy course. These events have been fun and actually quite challenging at times. Whenever I create something new for people to see and use in their everyday lives I always learn something new.

In order to get more people interested in this subject, I have created a small but very useful min-course by the same name on YouTube. You can find the playlist here:

As well you can find the Kindle book on the Amazon Kindle store. However, you may get more use out of the Udemy course as I will be updating that on a more regular basis.