Does a social media diet help productivity?

So as you may be aware at the beginning of this year I deleted my Facebook account. The reasons being were numerous and it was honestly hard to summarize it all up in just one blog post or vlog. It was just time to let this aspect of my life go so I could move on to do other things? So have I moved on and been more productive as a result?

The productivity increase when I deleted Facebook was not immediate. I seemed to want to fill that void of time with other distractions. It was as if my brain was seeking excuses to not work. That is why you also have to work on increasing your mental focus when you are removing a distraction.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to delete my Facebook account was to get out more and be more sociable. I can firmly state with a 100% certainty that has happened. I have increased the places and times I meet with other groups and I just feel better about the whole situation.

But the question this blog post is aiming to answer is if you go on a social media diet will it help productivity? That is a definite yes, if you are willing to put in the time to be more productive. You could just easily watch television or be distracted in a couple thousand more ways that can fill in that time.

Removing social media in of it will not make you more productive, you have to work on that on a daily basis. You could start to measure how productive you are each day and then try and beat that goal. IF you can measure some metric that determines your overall productivity you can see if this is actually working or not.

For instance, how do you measure your own productivity? Have you set a baseline for before you go on a diet to see if this is truly more effective? Doing this will either prove or disprove your theory.

Maybe you want to write more. That is an admirable goal. Or perhaps you want to produce more content for your YouTube channel. Again that is certainly something that is obtainable. Whatever you want to do first measure how much you are doing that now so that if and when you delete your Facebook account, or go on a social media diet, to see if you are effective or not.
Gaining more focus each day will help you overall in your life. Social media can be a great distraction and removing it from your life can improve it drastically.

My experiment of deleting Facebook is still ongoing. Day to day I am still working on increasing my focus to get more done in the day. Can you perhaps do the same? Well, that is certainly possible. The only way to really find out is to just do it and see what happens.