Overview of BizSpark!

Hey everyone,

This is a kind of off the cuff blog post about some of the new exciting developments I have in store for 2015! Clearly, something had to change this year and instead of posting a New Years post on my facebook about my new resolutions for the year I just decided to actually do something instead of talk about it. First off, I got rid of my Facebook account completely, it was a time suck for me and i wanted to eliminate all items that were taking me away from moving forward with this new direction.

In early 2015 I went to a .Net user group meeting in Sarasota where BizSpark was discussed. Since I had several ideas for pieces of software I wanted to write this seemed like an ideal fit. So a couple days later I started up a new company and will be producing some software for resale, the details of which are understandably confidential at the moment. One of the first places I will let people know about these programs is of course right here on my personal blog.

You can find out about this program I am talking about here:

It is called Microsoft BizSpark and you would be insane if you were into developing software for Microsoft Windows or the Windows Phone to not look into this. Probably this is one of the best deals that Microsoft could offer you and they go through a lot to help startups use their software. The ROI for using Microsoft is pretty substantial and many Enterprise developers see the need to get into using these services for their own development.

Anyways more updates to come and since I now have the right software I can complete the reviews of those books I was tasked to do so last year. At least now I can give these books a review they deserve. More to follow…