Basic Keyword Research – For those who have no idea where to start!

Hey Everyone,

With this week’s theme of tutorial videos I have decided to create something on where to start with your keyword research. While there are many ways to do this I approach this particular task a bit different. For instance, if I am looking for a new market to get into I don’t go to Google and figure something out from there but rather I go to a well known marketplace, such as, and then use that as my starting point.

You will see a new website for keyword ideas in this video. I just came across it through some buzz that was going on in the twitter universe and I thought it was really handy so hopefully you fill find it useful as well. Of course there’s no affiliate link at all mentioned in this video and there is no relationship between anything found in this video and my blog.

Hopefully, you will find this helpful if you ever thought about getting into affiliate marketing or internet marketing at all.