How to Build a Computer – A Beginners Guide – Step by Step

Recently I have published a Kindle book and YouTube tutorial series that I hope will eventually become the go-to standard for anyone wanting to get started building a computer. Unsurprisingly enough, I have called this book How to Build a Computer – A Beginners Guide – Step by Step.

The point of this post is to not only highlight that the YouTube series is available and can be found here:

But also the book can also be found on Kindle and can be found here:

As I stated in my Kindle book that I would use both my website, which you are currently viewing, but also my YouTube channel playlist to keep everyone up to date on the changes to the book.

If you are interested in this subject please be sure to check out the book. I am sure you may find it helpful, especially if you have zero experience in building computers. The first part was just about parts selection. The second part would be about actually building or assembling your computer once you have chosen all the parts involved.